Mad Painter

Mad Painter is a band in the Boston area, deeply rooted in the melodic rock tradition of the 1970s. They play mostly original music, ranging from Woodstock-era psychedelic rock to glam-tinged rock'n'roll a-la Mott the Hoople and the Faces, and to epic heavy anthems in the vein of Uriah Heep. It consists of four individuals with widely ranging backgrounds.

At the center of Mad Painter is Alex Gitlin, the songwriter and creator of the concept. He is backed capably by drummer Al Hendry (Bubba Loaf, Tokyo Tramps), as well as bassist Kenne Highland, a true veteran of the Boston rock scene (ex-Gizmos, Hopelessly Obscure, Johnny & The Jumper Cables, Africa Corps.) and guitarist Al Naha (The Thigh Scrapers), who plays with Kenne in Kenne Highland Airforce.

The newest addition to the band's lineup are two backing vocalists, Sharon Crumrine and Julie Gee.

Mad Painter have performed, in different line-ups and guises, at many venues around the Boston area, such as the MIT, Out of the Blue Gallery, McGann's, Hennessy's, Club Bohemia/The Cantab, Jungle Community Music Club, Midway, The Middle East, and C Note, as well as the Winter Tanglefest (twice) in Upstate NY.

With the release of the two singles and the latest album this year, the group has garnered enthusiastic and positive feedback from critics and journalists,  as well as worldwide radio airplay. You can find a plethora of fresh reviews and interviews on the official website,

It's always a good time when you come to their shows, and you know what to expect - nostalgic 70s rock vibes and stage gear to match, great musicianship and songs that will make you get up and bop around, singing and clapping along. A party.