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Mesmerized reviews Empty Bottles

Sometimes they come back. It’s been a while since we caught Mad Painter’s releasing a new record – time flies! Gearing up for an upcoming third album, the Boston-based group is now back with ‘Empty Bottles’, a long and euphoric single that’s highly alluring and electrifying. If this is any indication of what Mad Painter has been working on, we are in for a stunning album! 

Built on rolling, powerful drums and a complex tapestry of organ and guitar textures, ‘Empty Bottles’ could be defined as ‘chaotic’ by some, but we’d rather choose the word ‘rowdy’: punchy, uplifting and energetic, the track also boasts a decisively retro flair, in particular exploring 70s psychedelia and eclectic pop. Alex Gitlin’s charming vocals are a perfect fit for such a convincing piece. 

Speaking about the inspiration behind the single, Mad Painter explains: “People scared of each other, standing closely deemed a threat. Sound familiar? It wasn’t that long ago. But this song delivers hope to all those who want to persevere in the face of adversity – you will succeed in the end. Maybe it’s about us in equal measure as it is about our audience”.

Iggy Magazine reviews Empty Bottles 

Mad Painter prepares a special excursion just for you through “Empty Bottles”

Would you like to take a memorable trip back in time? You'd better be one of us so you don't risk missing out on new sensations. The one who holds the key to the time machine is none other than the Mad Painter group! Today he brings us into the intensity of 70s rock'n'roll to live extraordinary experiences.

From the first notes, you already understand that this is not a simple excursion. The freshness of the guitar and bass riffs, supported by the softness of a bewitching piano, hits you hard. As a result, you unconsciously immerse yourself in a dreamlike universe in the space of a second. You would have liked to stay there a little longer, but suddenly you enter another world where wild vocal cords perform sensational shows.
It is at this precise moment that you enter into osmosis with the feverish energy of “Empty Bottles”. It's a moment of pure exaltation, carried by profound lyrics that betray a scathing sense of humor and sprinkled with decidedly theatrical overtones.
While the notes mold into a remarkable synergy, the desire to brave the obstacles is felt in you insistently. Yes, “Empty Bottles” will give you wings!

Beach House Mag reviews Empty Bottles

Hey everyone! I am super excited to share Mad Painter’s latest track, “Empty Bottles”. This song is an absolute blast, and I can’t wait for you all to hear it. From the get-go, Alex Gitlin’s keyboard magic and Al Nahabedian’s slick guitar riffs pull you into a 70s rock ‘n’ roll vibe that’s both nostalgic and refreshing. The rhythm section, with Kenne Highland on bass and Al Hendry on drums, keeps the energy high and the groove irresistible. Julie Gee and Sharon Crumrine’s backing vocals add a perfect touch of harmony, making this track a standout.

“Empty Bottles” captures the essence of partying in the 70s while also delivering a poignant message about perseverance and hope. It’s the kind of song that makes you want to dance and reflect at the same time. Trust me, you’ll love it as much as I do and be sure to follow Mad Painter on social media and add “Empty Bottles” to your playlist for a dose of feel-good rock ‘n’ roll with a meaningful twist.

Roadie Music reviews Empty Bottles
Empty Bottles | Mad Painter releases single from their third album
Diego Pinheiro
June 14, 2024
It is with sonar, acid, synthetic and strident that the song has its awakening. While the synthesizer assumes a certain degree of brilliance in the introduction, imposing a happy and infectiously electronic ambience, Alan Nahabedian's guitar appears harsh and dirty in the melodic base.
When Al Hendry's drums enter the scene with a sharp and precise hit on the snare drum, the song takes on a comfortably soft and attractive rhythmic cadence. The interesting thing here is to note that, despite the song having a punked rhythmic-melodic structure, there is no dirt or aggression.
What exists is, rather, a harmony drawn from the waltz of Hammond's sweetly acidic and undulating keys on the sound base. From then on, the listener begins to have access to a psychedelic 1970s ambience that adds to the already well-presented harshness, which gives Empty Bottles a transcendentally hallucinating structure.
Managing, unpretentiously, an aesthetic familiarity with I Wanna Rock And Roll All Night, a single by Kiss, through its flirtation with a more commercial hard rock during the chorus, Empty Bottles has its melodic structure completed by a low-pitched voice offered by Alex Gitlin. Last but not least, Sharon Crumrine and Julie Gee position themselves at the sound foundation, expanding the harmony through their backing vocals.
ExtraVAFrench reviews Empty Bottles
When The Rock Falls, It Resurfaces With “Empty Bottles”
From the first note, “Empty Bottles” by MAD PAINTER catapults us into a revolutionary era, with the sparkles of glam rock and the 70s garage rally crisis, where rock'n'roll wasn't just music but a real state of spirit. This group from Arlington, Massachusetts, captured the very essence of this golden age and injecting a modern vigor that cannot be left indifferent. Under the wing of Alex Gitlin on keyboards and vocals, flanked by his companions Al Nahabedian on guitar, Kenne Highland on bass, Al Hendry on battery and the enchanting voices of Julie Gee and Sharon Crumrine, this collective redefines the the raw energy of the rock with a masterpiece that can be cut to pieces.
What impresses with the ear of “Empty Bottles” is MAD PAINTER’s ability to weave melodies that transport you instantly. The song, a striking homage to an era when music came alive, is a reflection of moments of solitude and communion, topics loved by the group and which resonate particularly well in these post-pandemic times. They talk of ebullient evenings and deceitful days, of lies that bite into the adversity and passions that consume us.
Brilliantly produced by Thomas Hamilton in Peabody, Massachusetts, each instrument in “Empty Bottles” is a voice that tells its own story, from the suggestive base of the crystal-clear piano bass, all wrapped in warm vocal harmonies that are the group signature. This title is a veritable tour de force that illustrates the mastery and cohesion of MAD PAINTER, echoing the influences of giants like Sweet, Slade and Mott the Hoople.
When they mount the stage, it is not just their music that MAD PAINTER reads to their audience; It is an immersive experience, a show where each song is a celebration, each note a revolt against monotony. Their appearance at the Parkside Lounge in Manhattan, located next to the legendary Katz's Delicatessen, tells us that they have managed to capture the essence of freedom and the spirit that only rock'n'roll can offer.
“Empty Bottles” is not just a song, it is a cry of the heart, a call to all those who still believe in the power of music. It is an invitation to leave aside daily routine and get lost in the midst of an unbearable rhythm. And if you tend your ear, you can hear, across the cracks of the cymbals and the background of the guitars, an echo of the past that reminds us that, despite the years, rock'n'roll is not ready of s'éteindre.
With “Empty Bottles”, MAD PAINTER is content not to play the music, they live, breathe and invite us to do the same. Prepare to be outraged in your universe, where each melody is a revolution and each slogan, a promise of better days. Leave everything to the MAD PAINTER's son and talk about why rock'n'roll doesn't die anymore.

Indiemusicflix reviews Empty Bottles

The latest track by Mad Painter, “Empty Bottles,” is a delightful journey through time, capturing the essence of 70s rock and roll while infusing it with a modern twist. This song is an exhilarating homage to the golden era of rock, brimming with the vibrant energy that characterizes the Boston-based band’s music.

From the outset, “Empty Bottles” immerses listeners in a vivid dynamic range of the drumkit, courtesy of Al Hendry. His tight, punchy drumming sets the stage for the song’s infectious groove. The overdriven guitar tones, expertly delivered by the newest band member Al Naha, weave seamlessly through the track, adding a gritty edge that perfectly complements the upbeat, blues-inspired melody. Naha’s piercing blues bends, especially during the climactic guitar solo, inject the track with an electrifying rawness that leaves a lasting impression.

Beneath the layers of guitar and drums, the organ sounds reminiscent of 70s synth rock provide a rich, textured backdrop. These elements, combined with the carefully crafted stereo field, create an immersive listening experience that is both nostalgic and refreshingly contemporary. The song’s feel-good vibe and upbeat tempo make it a perfect fit for the indie music scene, where its blend of classic rock influences and modern sensibilities can truly shine.

“Empty Bottles” wouldn’t feel out of place in the soundtracks of mid-80s comedy-dramas such as Friends and Seinfeld. Its lively, heartfelt essence would resonate well with the themes of friendship and love central to these shows, enhancing key moments with its nostalgic charm.

At the heart of Mad Painter is Alex Gitlin, whose songwriting prowess and vision drive the band’s creative force. He is supported by seasoned veterans like Kenne Highland on bass, whose extensive experience in the Boston rock scene adds depth and authenticity to their music. Together, they create a sound that not only pays tribute to the past but also carves out a unique space in today’s musical landscape. “Empty Bottles” is a testament to their ability to blend eras and styles into a cohesive, captivating piece of music.

Indie Dock Music Blog on Empty Bottles

At its core, it's rock n roll in the power of the 70s, but lyrically, the song reflects modern reality, or rather 2020 and the inconveniences and fears brought by the pandemic. The song 'Empty Bottles' was written at the beginning of 2022 and became a real outlet for those who really wanted to break away and throw off the veil of past restrictions and quarantine. 

The live performance of the track 'Empty Bottles' clearly shows that before us is a real rock n roll band that lives the cult of this eternal music. Mad Painter are preparing for the release of their third record and 'Empty Bottles' opens the curtain on the new album. Mad Painter is a great band that is worth paying attention to and following their creative process.

Empty Bottles reviewed by EDGAR ALLAN POETS

The track wastes no time, diving straight into a heady psychedelic atmosphere with a pulsating keyboard pad. It’s a clear sign that this isn’t your average rock song – Mad Painter is ready to take you on a trip.

Then, bam! The classic rock energy explodes. Powerhouse drums, soaring guitar riffs, and the frontman’s electrifying vocals slam into action.

It’s a potent cocktail that’s guaranteed to get your head nodding and your feet tapping. This is a song that practically begs you to crank up the volume and move – it’s pure fun.

But “Empty Bottles” isn’t just about raw energy. The melody is ridiculously catchy, the kind that burrows into your brain and has you humming the chorus long after the song has finished. The lyrics, brimming with inspiration, urge you to chase your dreams and never give up, a message that feels perfect for these uncertain times.

Honestly, “Empty Bottles” is the kind of song that can turn your entire day around. It’s an invigorating shot of optimism wrapped in a layer of psychedelic rock.

I suggest also watching the beautiful music video, which has some 80s vibes and shows the contagious energy unleashed by this band.



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